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Air Conditioning

Texans understand the absolute necessity of COLD air conditioning (A/C) in their automobiles. At Rusty’s Garage we have all the resources to diagnose and repair your vehicle’s A/C to cool you down and get you on the road as fast as possible. Rusty’s is THE place to cool off in the blistering Texas heat!


Alignment is part of routine maintenance on a vehicle, and is the process of adjusting the angles of the wheels back to factory specifications. These adjustments reduce uneven tire wear, and ensure that vehicle travel is straight and true, i.e., it doesn’t “pull” to one side or another. Our alignments are quick and easy to get you back in the driver’s seat fast.

Suspension and Steering

Using our 85+ years of combined knowledge in automotive repair and maintenance, we can properly diagnose any problems you might be having with your suspension and steering systems. Whether it seems difficult to keep your car between the lines, or your vehicle rattles your teeth from your head, we can make your car drive like new!

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Quick Tip: One easy way to tell if you need new shocks or struts is your tires. Feel along the tread of your tires. If they feel “choppy” or “cupped”, that is a major sign that you have a suspension problem.

Automotive Tires

Providing your tires for your vehicle just make sense.  How many times do you receive feedback from your tire shop that your front-end needs work or your automotive garage say’s your tires are out of balance.  Rusty’s goal is to provide a one-stop-shop, full accountability garage, where professional mechanics properly diagnose all your issues and provide you solutions.  We provide all the major brands along with a national hazard program.


Your engine is a precision-tuned testament to mankind’s ability to make things move, and it needs to run properly to avoid damaging itself. Your cooling system, lubrication system, and mechanical systems all need regular maintenance to keep your car running properly. When things don’t go as planned with your vehicle’s engine, we have all the necessary software – regardless of make and model – to communicate with your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system to fix the issue and confirm it is resolved.


You and your car are always on the GO but when it comes time to STOP, is your car prepared to do so? With all the traffic in the Houston area, your brakes are always being put to the test, so whether you just haven’t had them checked in a while, or your brakes feel “spongy”, “shaky”, or “squeaky/grindy”, let us give you an honest report on the status of your brakes.


Your transmission is one of the costliest components to the smooth operation of your vehicle, so maintenance is the answer to keeping this expensive piece of machinery in tip-top shape. Different vehicle manufacturers recommend fluid and filter changes at specific mileage intervals to ensure smooth operation, and no matter what kind of car, we can keep your transmission functioning the way it should.

This is just a small portion of our services because Rusty’s Garage is a community Full-Service Auto Repair Garage!

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