10 Tips to make a Road Trip with your Dog easy



  1. Schedule a visit with your pet’s veterinarian before your trip so your dog has an updated health and vaccine report. Be sure to ask for a physical copy for quick reference to show to the Kennel, Dog Sitter, Hotel, AirBNB, etc.
  2. Minimize the unexpected by calling your hotel, AirBNB beforehand. Make sure you know the pet policy and inquire if they charge a fee for pets.
  3. If your dog is not accustomed to road trips, you can get them used to it by slowly introducing them to the vehicle. You can introduce them to traveling in small increments, first drive down the street, next drive around the neighborhood, etc. As your dog gets used to being in the car, you can increase your trips across town and on short day trips before finally taking a long road trip with your dog. 
  4. Consider Ordering a Back Seat Dog Protector or seat belt attachment to keep them from attempting to distract you while driving.
  5. Exhaustion helps. Make sure your dog is exercised before the road trip begins. They’ll be more trusting, willing to settle down and relax if they’ve already released some energy.
  6. Feed your dog in advance of departure. To prevent an upset stomach, avoid feeding your dog right before you set off on your road trip. Offer small treats, Bully Sticks and plenty of water so they stay hydrated.
  7. Keep your vehicle well ventilated, especially if you place your dog in their crate. Turn up the cool air or air conditioner and point the vents towards your dog.
  8. Make frequent stops to exercise your dog, give them water and allow them a chance to use the restroom.
  9. Don’t leave your dog in the car unattended, especially during the summer when temperatures inside the vehicle can soar in a matter of minutes. If you must leave your dog, make sure they are accompanied by a friend or family member so you can leave the vehicle running or safely roll the windows down.
  10. Make sure their collar and Pet ID is updated with your name cell phone number and the number of your destination in case your pet gets lost.  If your pet has a microchip, make sure all of your information is updated.


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