Catalytic Converter Theft on the Rise

Catalytic Converter Thefts 


2020/2021 has provided various challenges for many. Our shop is disheartened to see an increasing number of customers coming in needing a Catalytic Converter. Unfortunately, all these customers had one thing in common, each had their vehicle’s Catalytic Converter cut off and stolen right where their car was parked!


Most Automotive professionals know that Catalytic Converter theft is a wide-spread problem. It’s a billion-dollar black market industry that’s destroying the environment and the lives of so many car owners. 


Catalytic Converter theft is not partial to solely Toyota, Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet – this form of theft is a problem with many vehicles today, but Prius has been at the forefront of this issue. On top of that, dealers in many instances are on a national backorder of replacement Catalytic Converters and because of this, repairs are taking much longer.


Metal prices have once again started climbing. The thieves who are stealing these Catalytic Converters know what they’re looking for. They know how to be in and out within three minutes or less. Sadly, we just had one customer who had theirs stolen while making a quick grocery store run. 


Montgomery County has issued a warning to people in our community to ensure that everyone is informed. 


Rusty’s Garage is now offering to research security plates that will cover the underbody of the car protecting the Catalytic Converter, installed with rivets and screws making your Catalytic Converter hard to get to and even harder to cut off. 


As Catalytic Converter theft continues to increase the sheer demand from these thefts has made it harder for dealers to get replacement converters in a timely fashion for our cars. Many in our work family have chosen to have a Cat Security plate installed and we encourage our community to deter theft and avoid unnecessary repairs as well.


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