Driving Safety Tips From Rusty’s Garage

As we enter September, seasonal changes are going to occur and it will affect our driving. 

  • Kids are returning to the school year, regardless if they’re home-schooling, attending online classes, or reporting in-person and on campus. 
  • The weather also starts to change, bringing cooler temperatures, rain, and delayed traffic.
  • Before too long, the sun will set sooner and trick-or-treaters will be navigating the collection of free candy during the COVID era.
  • Then, the November, December, and end of year holidays will soon follow.

Because September is the gateway month to all of these changes, the Rusty’s Garage auto repair team wants to offer some helpful driving safety tips.

We know that COVID-19 has reduced many drivers’ commutes. Because so many folks aren’t driving as often, we thought it would be smart to remind everyone of some common driving safety tips:

Things NOT TO DO While Driving:

  1. Do not text and drive.
  2. Do not drive distracted.
  3. Do not drink and drive.
  4. Do not speed through neighborhoods.
  5. Do not speed recklessly.
  6. Do not groom yourself while driving.
  7. Do not watch a video while driving.
  8. Do not intentionally hit other cars, pedestrians, animals, plants, or solid objects.

Things YOU SHOULD DO While Driving:

  1. Be mindful of children, pets, pedestrians, cyclists, and skateboarders while driving through residential or rural areas.
  2. Drive defensively and be aware of hazards.
  3. Make eye contact with other drivers and pedestrians outside of your vehicle so they know you see them, and you know they see you.
  4. Only talk on the phone when you can keep both hands on the wheel.
  5. Pay attention to any unusual noises, ticks, squeaks, or squeals while driving your car, for it may be signs that a repair is needed.
  6. Do be patient with other drivers who are elderly, are lost, or confused.
  7. Be extra careful while driving in rain, sleet, hail, snow, high winds, and other hazardous weather patterns to avoid losing traction or contact with the road.
  8. Do pay attention to your Tire Pressure Monitoring System, for it may be alerting you to a flat tire.

For all you veteran drivers, this list may seem silly. But we are aware that many young, new, and elderly drivers may need a gentle reminder of what not to do and how to safely operate a vehicle. After all, any collision with a moving vehicle could have been an avoidable tragedy.

At Rusty's Garage, we want to be your source for repairing, maintaining, and protecting the life and serviceability of your vehicle. Our auto repair team will offer preventive maintenance to lower your risk of an accident or breakdown. Our goal is to prepare you for the unexpected while you are driving your vehicle.

At Rusty's Garage, our number one priority is you. We can be a team together, committed to keeping value and pleasure in the life of your car. Schedule your appointment today! We are located at 25143 Melda Road, Building B, in Spring, TX, 77380, and are open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.


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