Heading Into The New Year

December is here, at last! We’re finally seeing the back of a tumultuous year. 2020 has been mostly fraught with fear, dread, and worry. People will be talking about how bad this year was for generations, from the pandemic to the job losses and homelessness related to COVID19 closings.

This year has dragged on and on. We’ve been forced to shelter in isolation, and cancel so many planned outdoor gatherings, reunions, weddings, and family get-togethers. It’s been unfairest to our kids, who had worked so hard at school all year to find themselves sheltered in their homes all summer long.

It would be great to be able to finally let a bad year go and look forward to a new year. And despite the worries of a recession to come, and the vaccine for COVID19 not yet being ready, maybe all we can really do in a bad year is set our minds and our energies on a better year, and a better future, for all of us.

  • Dream a Little Dream - We need to keep on dreaming and hoping that the best of things can happen for us. We need to keep making plans, and hoping for a better tomorrow. It’s counter-intuitive to the cycle of life to stop all weddings, all celebrations, all parties, just because there’s a spectre of death in COVID19.
  • Play it Safe, Play it Smart, but Play - We worked out how to play it safe and smart in our work spaces in 2020. We can surely work out how to do virtual celebrations in 2021, that will be memorable as great and lasting positives in the time of pandemic. There’s things we can still do to keep living through the pandemic. What we can’t do is surrender the safety of our kids and our at-risk family members. If being together is important, so is making sure we all get through this safely. If that means going to a relative’s house and helping them set up videoconferencing to be part of a virtual celebration, then let’s care enough to do it instead of risking the futures of everyone involved.
  • Hold On To What You Can -  Right now, we need to put our energies into our job and the relationships that comprise them, our homes and the security they provide our families from illness, and our transportation and the freedom it grants us. With our jobs, we can work to protect ourselves and our clients, and look out for their best interests. With our homes, we can work on repairing them and making them the best living spaces we can afford, to grow our kids. With our cars, we can invest in them, with preventative maintenance to make sure that when we need them, they’ll be there for us, giving us the freedom to move about safely.

At Rusty’s Garage, we hope as you maintain all the other aspects of your life that protect your and your family-- work, home, and freedom-- you’ll continue to trust us for your preventative maintenance. Bring your vehicle by Rusty’s Garage in Spring, Texas for an inspection, so that we can let you know what needs it has and help you maintain it for years to come. You can find us at 25143 Melda Road, Building B, in Spring, TX, 77380. We’re open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Schedule an appointment with Rusty’s Garage today!


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