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10 Tips to make a Road Trip with your Dog easy

10 Tips to make a Road Trip with your Dog easy

    Schedule a visit with your pet’s veterinarian before your trip so your dog has an updated health and vaccine report. Be sure to ask for a physical copy for quick reference to show to the Kennel, Dog Sitter, Hotel, AirBNB, etc. Minimize the unexpected by calling your hotel, AirBNB beforehand. Make sure you know the pet policy and inquire if they charge a fee for pets. If your dog is not accustomed to road trips, you can get them used to it by slowly introducing them to the vehicle. You can introduce them to traveling in small increments, first drive down the street, next drive around the neighborhood, etc. As your dog gets used to being in the car, you can increase your trips across town and on short day trips before finally taking a long road trip with your dog.  Consider Ordering a Back Seat Dog Protector or seat belt attachment to keep them from attempting to distract you while driving. Exhaustion helps. Make sure your dog is exercised before the road t ... read more



Four Causes of Vehicle AC Failure

4 Causes of Vehicle Air Conditioning Failure In case you haven't noticed, Summer is officially here. Texas natives and transplants know the importance of a reliable air conditioner for their vehicle! Unfortunately, when vehicle air conditioner’s decide to quit on us, it’s generally during the most inopportune times.  We’re frequently asked, “Why is my car air conditioner blowing hot air or not working?” Most vehicle air conditioning issues result from four of the following failures: 1. Freon The first thing to check is always the freon because you could be low. If you’re low on freon, that can cause your air conditioner to not blow cool air. Get your air conditioner professionally inspected to ensure you’re getting the proper levels of freon. When you get your vehicle checked out we can also inspect for leaks, which will likely result in further problems in the future.   ... read more

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