The History of Domestic Cars in America


At Rusty’s Garage, we have a passion for servicing all vehicles. Our team is always evolving, learning, and making sure we can provide the best service for you. Knowing and learning more about the history of domestic cars in America has helped us understand more about vehicles origins in our nation. 

America was first introduced to cars, by bike mechanics Henry Ford and William Durant. As bike mechanics, a vehicle ran on gasoline was vastly different. The pair were originally from Massachusetts, and there the first American car was introduced/designed in 1893. As the first to successfully attempt anything of this scale, the pair started the standard for American vehicles. From there techniques, three companies emerged, Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors. These companies were even nicknamed as the “Big Three” in the American Auto Industry, and are still considered so today.

Henry Ford went on to introduce the Model T vehicle, while William Duran founded General Motors. The Model T was one of the first cars in America to take its production overseas. It was there that the vehicle could be mass-produced but at lower prices. The mass production became a win-win situation for the company and its consumers. From that point on, companies of every sort started to mass produce their products overseas, like bicycles, furniture, and more. Over time, Ford Motor Company then rose to the top as they were selling their vehicles at a moderate price to all consumers. A rendition of Model T was Model N, the first car in America to be a low-cost car driven by a gas engine. It also had cylinders with a fifteen horsepower to it. It was only $600 as well, can you imagine if that was the prices today? It’s insane!

After the success of Model N, Ford introduced Model T. This model was created with vanadium steel, making it lighter. It also had a two-speed plenary transmission. Ford released this model in 1908 for $825. Ford’s mass production techniques were picked up by other companies, and the innovation never stopped. Moving to the present day, where these companies still thrive and innovate new ideas everyday. 

Rusty’s Garage, is a place for innovation and creativity, just like the “Big Three.” We want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to repair your car to the best of our abilities. We guarantee you are in the best hands with us. Come to our shop to experience all we have to give. Schedule your appointment today! 


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