What Makes a Good Auto Mechanic?

We all appreciate knowing that we have a good auto mechanic to turn to when our car or truck acts up. What is it that makes our auto mechanic so good at what they do? With all the different makes and models of vehicles, there are so many variations to each service and repair. Do you ever get curious about what it takes to become a good mechanic? Here is a list of traits that each auto mechanic needs to have to be good at their job.

Good problem-solving skills
To be a good auto mechanic, the first thing a tech needs is curiosity. What is causing this issue, and why are good questions that often run through your auto mechanics mind as they think of your vehicle's issue. A good tech needs to be able to look at a problem from many angles to provide the best possible solution and to accurately diagnose and repair your car.

We all get frustrated from time to time. However, a good auto mechanic can not give up when the going gets tough. Even when they are not able to diagnose or fix the issue the first time they give it a go, a good auto mechanic needs the stick-to-it-iveness to follow the mystery issue through to the end and find the fix. Having the ability to stick it out and find the solution is what helps a good auto mechanic become a great one. 

Work ethic
Being dependable is vital to the auto mechanics industry and good name. Being there and available to your customers is what keeps them coming back to you. Being willing to put your best foot forward day after day in the mechanic bay is how you gain a loyal following, learn your trade, and become an expert. 

Attention to detail
The ability to notice the small stuff, to pay attention to essential components on a car during regular maintenance and even diagnostics and repairs, is vital to customer's safety. A good auto mechanic can listen, look, feel, or even taste to see what is under the hood. 

Quality social skills
Being able to wrench under the hood is not enough when it comes to becoming a good auto mechanic. It is important to be able to communicate in a kind, clear manner. Customer service is a big part of being an auto mechanic, and having a positive outlook and a sunny attitude keep your customers returning to you. It sure helps with the shop moral as well, having a positive and kind employee working in the shop. This translates to the front end where the customers are, and they are what matters most.

Maintaining curiosity
Interest in learning is vital to maintaining the ability to stay on the leading edge of the industry. Not only is ongoing education required to maintain credentials such as ASE certifications, having a curious mind and interest in the latest tools and technology keeps an auto mechanic sharp.

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